[Nitro] [BUG] bryan's og_manager_fix

Chris Farmiloe chris at motionpath.com
Fri Jan 27 08:15:42 EST 2006

Hi guys:

Just pulled down latest bits from repo and found some trouble with the
og_manager_fix that adds the Manager.managed? methods when combined with
STI (may only show up with psql adaptor or others that enforce  

the following Nitro app should illustrate the problem (get your  
Cut&Paste on)


require 'rubygems'

require 'nitro'
require 'og'
include Nitro

class Thing
   property :name

class ClassOne
   property :name, String

class ClassTwo < ClassOne
   property :this, String
   has_many :things, Thing

Og.setup (
   :store => :psql,
   :address => 'xx',
   :name => 'xx',
   :user => 'xx',
   :password => 'xx',
   :destroy_tables => true,
   :evolve_schema => true,
   :evolve_schema_cautious => false

# start nitro


First thought was that STI subentities were somehow inheriting  
managed? but this is NOT the case, dont have time to take a look at  
this right now, so shall just unpull my patch and report this.

Chris Farmiloe
Design & Development.

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