[Nitro] FastCGI is broken because of Og.thread_safe not having an Og.manager.store

Rob Pitt rob at motionpath.com
Wed Jan 25 12:11:58 EST 2006

Recently (I am not sure when) our programs were broken by a Glycerin
patch (unfortunately I haven't been able to work out which) that caused
Og.thread_safe to be true and for Og.manager.store to not exist.

I notice there is some code in the adapters/fastcgi.rb that is supposed
to turn this off but it never appears to run even though

The quick fix is to to put this line directly before Nitro.run in your

Og.thread_safe = false

But that's hardly ideal. I spent most of the time I should have spent
fixing this working out how to get an in-process irb shell within
running fast-cgi processes so perhaps someone else can look at this (and
find this helpful if they start experiencing this odd problem too).

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