[Nitro] How do I get started with RDog?

Michael Fellinger m.fellinger at gmail.com
Tue Jan 24 06:53:53 EST 2006

Ok, that's not easy to answer.
First of all, rdog is quite experimental, and you might experience some 
problems, but i guess you're prepared for that after longer nitro-use :)
Next: go to rubyforge and download rdog - i've written some basic instructions 
in the README - but i'm not sure it will work with 0.27 - my last upgrade was 
done before moving to japan...
However, next thing - rdog needs a 'hacked' version of rdoc, that fills the 
database - you simple run it with
rdoc-devel -f og
rdoc-devel in this case is a link to the hacked rdoc, to avoid killing the 
original rdoc-functionality.
also make sure to adjust your rdoc.rb to point to the correct database - after 
doing all that, you can use the model of rdog to query all the stuff :)
I hope it doesn't turn out too difficult, but it has been much than that in 
the past ;)
In case you need some help, don't hesitate to mail here... i know there is lot 
of stuff i still have to point out...
also - this was one of my first ruby-programs - don't laugh about the code ^^


Am Tuesday 24 January 2006 16:04 schrieb James Britt:
> James Britt wrote:
> > My apologies if this is off-topic, but what do I need to do to start
> > getting RDoc serving Ruby API docs off of ruby-doc?
> --------- RDog.  Not rdoc.
> (I need to pay closer attention when running the spell checker.)
> James
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