[Nitro] Mysterious behavior when Nitro is given a URL with '.' in it

James Britt james_b at neurogami.com
Sun Jan 22 01:50:09 EST 2006

I think this was discussed here before, but I could not find the thread; 
my apologies if this is rehashing old issues.

I'm planning on revamping a site and having it run on Nitro.  All new 
URLs will (likely) omit file extensions, but I need to handle old links.

Most of these look like this:


It seems, though, that any URL with  '.' it just causes Nitro to emit a 
blank page.

I've tried mapping /index\.rb(.+)/, but to no avail.

The site will run under fastcgi, or maybe scgi.  I'd prefer to avoid 
having to rely on server-specific tricks, such as mod_rewrite, since I 
have people doing development with WEBrick as well.

How do I get Nitro to play nice with dot.embedded.urls ?




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