[Nitro] Og Unit Tests

George Moschovitis george.moschovitis at gmail.com
Fri Jan 20 03:55:37 EST 2006

Thanks for the insight and patch Bryan. I plan to concentrate on Og
for the forthcoming 0.28.0 version so I 'll have some time to look at
vraious Og issues reported lately.


On 1/20/06, Bryan Soto <bryan.a.soto at gmail.com> wrote:
> Okay list, there are two problems with the unit tests which are both
> related.
>  1. Resolve polymorphic relations:
>  E, [2006-01-19T13:49:28.405806 #22605] ERROR -- : Og.setup had problems:
> TypeError => (eval):2:in `resolve_polymorphic_relations':
> superclass mismatch for class Comment
>  E, [2006-01-19T13:49:28.406438 #22605] ERROR -- : #<TypeError: (eval):2:in
> `resolve_polymorphic_relations': superclass mismatch for
> class Comment>
>  2. Multiple uses of Og.setup
>  $ grep -R Og.setup * | wc -l
>  26
>  Basically, the problem is this. Each call to Og.setup results in Og
> iterating over all the classes in ObjectSpace to find Classes it can manage.
> Because there are multiple calls to Og.setup, classes are "managed" multiple
> times, which ultimately causes this
>    class TC_OgPolymorphic::User::Comment < TC_OgPolymorphic::User::Comment
>    end
>  to be evaled which results in the TypeError listed in item one. Note that
> the super and sub class are both the same name.
>  Now, I'm personally of the opinion that there shouldn't be multiple calls
> to Og.setup strewn throughout the test code. I think it should be all done
> via the config file that way all tests run against a single store. This also
> has the benefit that if a store isn't up to par with Postgres, it'll show up
> as an error. But I also recognize that what is happening with the type error
> is a bug which should be corrected. The attached patch, not bundle as I'm
> not sure this is the right solution, simply checks to see if we attempt to
> create a super and sub class of the same name and skips over it. It allows
> the tests to run with easier to correct errors, i.e. hardcoded passwords,
> hardcoded stores, etc. These, of course, are easily correctted by having
> only a single Og.setup call. :)
>  Anyway, I'm happy to take care of the Og.setup issue, but didn't actually
> do a bundle in case there are valid reasons why it shouldn't be done. Wasted
> effort and all that.
>  I did actually comment out all the Og.setup calls last night, and going by
> my memory (be wary given recent performance ;), the results were:
>  * 1 test which needed to be skipped (renamed to xtest_* due to a
> non-existent database field)
>  * 13 errors
>  * 4 failures
>  So this is probably something to address for 0.28. ;)
>  bryan
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