[Nitro] nitro scgi support improvement

Aleksi Niemela Aleksi.Niemela at cs.helsinki.fi
Fri Jan 13 19:14:24 EST 2006

guillaume pierronnet wrote:

>i'm working on improving SCGI support in Nitro. Here is a preliminary patch.
>For now, i simplified a lot the process of starting a "SCGIfied" nitro
>app. You just need to launch './run.rb --scgi', avoiding the use of
>proto/scripts/scgi_* scripts.

thanks for your patch! Attached other devs can find the same patch in 
Darcs format. Guillaume, you know that we work with Darcs thesedays?

I tested this patch to the extent that I managed to get Apache to serve 
and with Nitro serving SCGI on non-standard port by changing gen 
generated default app just a little (to set Nitro::Server.port 
basically). Oh, and this was on Windows.  I did not test scgi_ctl or 
service utilities. But I've considered to alter the daemonizing to work 
also under Windows using Win32 Service APIs.

I'm not sure what that Drb thingie is used for but perhaps it's for 
administration to hook additional Nitro apps on constantly running Nitro 
SCGI server.

Let me know if some of the patch tar.gz, gzip and windows zipped formats 
didn't work for you so I know what to use in the future.

   - Aleksi
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