[Nitro] [Bug] Og creates uneeded when using join_many and psqlstore

vseguip at gmail.com vseguip at gmail.com
Fri Jan 13 10:56:03 EST 2006

 Hi, if I execute the tc_join_psql.rb with a psql store it will create
four tables, one for Article, one for Category, and 2 join tables, one
for ArticleToCategory and an uneeded table with a primary key
consisting of article_oid & category_oid that do *not* really
reference the foreign oid's tables. If I execute with sqlite store, it
will correctly create only 3 tables.

Og version: Glycerin (downloaded from repo)
pgsql version: 0.7.1 (Ubuntu package)

SQL of the useless (?) table:

-- Table: ogj_tc_join_article_tc_join_category

-- DROP TABLE ogj_tc_join_article_tc_join_category;

CREATE TABLE ogj_tc_join_article_tc_join_category
  article_oid int4 NOT NULL,
  category_oid int4 NOT NULL,
  CONSTRAINT ogj_tc_join_article_tc_join_category_pkey PRIMARY KEY
(article_oid, category_oid)
ALTER TABLE ogj_tc_join_article_tc_join_category OWNER TO vseguip;


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