[Nitro] Og name clashes with Gtk2

vseguip at gmail.com vseguip at gmail.com
Thu Jan 12 15:41:34 EST 2006

 Hello, I was just testing the Og library and I think it's great.
However, I wanted it to integrate with a Gtk2 GUI and found that there
seems to be a name clash between ruby GTK2 bindings and Og.

 The ruby bindings of gtk2 define the method "property" and
"properties" for all descendants of Glib::Object. Apparently, this
leads Og to think of them as manageable (which they are not) and
crashes the program, probably due to strange accesses to Glib.

There is a workaround this to only require gtk2 after setting up the
connection but it will still fail since I actually want to manage GLib
objects, and then "properties" clashes with the ruby -gtk2 definition
of properties.

Is there an easy workaround to this problem? If not, what would it
take to rename the og default  method lookup to something else (e.g.
og_properties instead of properties, etc)?

Thanks in advance for your time and help,
  V. Seguí

P.S.: I'm posting this from another machine but if needed I could
supply a simple program to illustrate the problem.

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