[Nitro] Nitro templating question

George Moschovitis george.moschovitis at gmail.com
Wed Jan 11 09:35:30 EST 2006

> Dreamweaver lets you create a template that defines an entire page (what
> Rials calls a 'layout'), with slots for inserting free-form content or
> calls to library templates (which render small chunks of stuff; what
> Rials calls 'partials').


I improved elements quite a bit. Now you can place xhtml files in
(typically /element or /src/element') and Nitro automatically converts
them to Elements. I also added a simple Layout helper if you want to
be compatible with Rails. Not enabled by default (because i think
Layout sucks).

I think the new


with the template for layout in element/layout.xhtml will be just fine
for you. There are some more improvements (for example all
sub-elements are now implicitly named) and some comments.

check out the repo version.



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