[Nitro] Og.setup benchmarking results

Aleksi Niemela Aleksi.Niemela at cs.helsinki.fi
Tue Jan 10 17:26:53 EST 2006


Tim was claiming Og.setup was too slow so I made a benchmark out of his 
partial schema. 29 tables and some 70 constraints were created in 
PostgreSQL. I measured total time, time spent at sql execution in ruby 
postgres bindings (I use postgres-pr, the pure ruby lib) or in postgres 
itself. Did the tests two times against a clean, freshly initiated 
database and then two reruns.

Here are the results, hopefully they come through the mail.

	Fresh run 	

	Total 	PSQL 	Og 	
	Total 	PSQL 	Og
With sql printing 	18.16 	13.68 	4.48 	
	2.89 	0.49 	2.4

	18.49 	14.04 	4.45 	
	2.86 	0.48 	2.38

Without sql printing 	

	11.78 	9.83 	1.95 	
	2.26 	0.19 	2.07

	11.56 	9.7 	1.86 	
	2.28 	0.19 	2.09

I see no point trying to make Og side faster. Without debug prints Og 
uses 20% of real time trying to generate SQL to execute in setup. In 
rerun practically no SQL code executed so the same 2 secs gets spent in 
Og. Maybe some portion of it could be shaved off. I didn't measure how 
long will all the enchanting take out of that 2 secs.

Web app with complex Og schema won't have huge performance under CGI. 
But I wouldn't expect so.

   - Aleksi

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