[Nitro] Nitro and Facets version

George Moschovitis george.moschovitis at gmail.com
Tue Jan 10 11:08:14 EST 2006

Please avoid using nitrogen/nitro in 0.26.0

These commands are not used a lot in Nitro, as Nitro does not force a
structure on the directory. Prefer to use

ruby run.rb in your app dir.

The 0.27.0 release is coming early next week. This release will be
focused to small 'details' like the utility scripts. Ie things that
baffle newcomers like you.

best regards,

> I'm just now trying Nitro/Og, wanting to check out its SCGI support.It appears that if I "gen" my app I will get an SCGI-supportedconfiguration out of the box. I'm on a fresh Windows XP box with Ruby& Gems newly installed. After installing all the nitro gems, I have a"nitrogen" command but not "gen". Is the "gen" gem supposed to createan executable script called "gen", or are we supposed to keep using"nitrogen"? I'm confused, getting old I guess.


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