[Nitro] scgi questions

James Britt james_b at neurogami.com
Sun Jan 8 14:59:34 EST 2006

Kevin Williams wrote:
> I'm trying to get a Nitro app to run under SCGI from Apache 2.0.55 onWindows XP. I got Rails to run in the same environment yesterday, soI'm pretty sure the Apache/SCGI part is working.
> I did "gen app ./nitro_scgi" (after creating gen.cmd in Ruby's binfolder) and added my conf/scgi.yaml file. Am I correct that I shouldrun "ruby script/scgi_service" to run the app? By doing that, I seemto get WebRick running on port 9999. I set the scgi.yaml to use port19999, so I'm not sure where the 9999 came from. I guess I wish thescgi_rails gem was more generic and I could use the same for Nitrothat I would for Rails.
> Also, the "script/scgi_ctl" file didn't like the same "-S"command-line option to disable POSIX signals, so I added":disable_signals: true" to scgi.yaml manually.
> So, how do I get Nitro to do SCGI under Apache2?

Good question.  I'm right now trying to get a Nitro app to run under 
SCGI + Apache2 on a Linux box, and I keep getting a "port in use" 
exception.  Apparently port 9999 is hard-coded someplace.

I have scgi.yaml configured to set the port to 6666, I've changed the 
default port values in the local SCGI scripts to 6666, so none of the 
files or scripts in my application folder have 9999 in them, but that 
value is still getting set from someplace.

Any clues?



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