[Nitro] Two errors preventing me from evaluating Nitro

Lester Bangs datapanix at gmail.com
Sat Jan 7 16:24:23 EST 2006

Bryan Soto <bryan.a.soto <at> gmail.com> writes:

> Hi,Re: #1, I'm not sure if that's old or what. I, for 
one, didn't 
even know running nitro at the command prompt did 
that. Anyway, the examples are
actually a separate download available at the Rubyforge 
site. Also checkout
spark and flare which are standalone examples.

Doh!  Got it, thanks.

>#2, I believe gen is the way to create an app now. 
> gen app app_name_here.

This one is a little more tricky.  'gen' at a command 
prompt gives an error that it cant find the command.  
Do I need to explicitly path it to run the command?
I'm used to typing "rails [app]" from anywhere on my 
system to get an app scaffold.

Thanks for the help!

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