[Nitro] Nitro templating question

James Britt james_b at neurogami.com
Sat Jan 7 10:21:26 EST 2006

George Moschovitis wrote:
>>What I've found in skin.rb is a bunch of disconnected HTML embedded as
>>raw strings in Ruby code.  For anything but the most trivial page layout
>>that is a nightmare to design and maintain.
> Really?
> I think rails layout system is only usefull for small, silly
> applications. Like many original rails features this seems tailored to
> 37signals simplistic applications, this is not a general solution. I
> find Nitro's elements or xslt compilers to be much more intuitive,
> elegant and powerful. I mean:

I didn't intend my comment as any sort of comparison to other 
frameworks, and much prefer to Nitro development continue based on what 
makes the most sense for Nitro and its users.  I've seen how things go 
when there is a perpetual state of tool/language/philosophy antagonism, 
and it tends to produce more heat than light.


> is quite easy to do. 

Easy for small items/pages, but just as I do not want much code in my 
page templates, I do not want much templating in my code files.  I 
prefer to be able to run my template files through an XML/XHTML 
validator tool to check them, not wait to "compile" a complete page to 
see if I have a problem.

> I can easily add external template file support
> for elements to make this better for you (ie keep th render xhtml in a
> separate .xhtml file). Any other ideas?

No, I just want to be able to keep presentation files separate from Ruby 
code.  I want my designers (and me) to be able to edit the markup in a 
markup editor.



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