[Nitro] Nitro templating question

Bryan Soto bryan.a.soto at gmail.com
Fri Jan 6 22:32:39 EST 2006

I think the closest thing to Rails layouts would be the Page tag. The best
place to take a look at it might be in the skin.rb file in src
subdirectories of flare or spark. Even a gen app xxx will create one, so you
can take a look at it in the nitro/proto directory.

Typical usage is
<!-- insert body here. -->

Although, now that I think about it, you can probably define a
layout.xhtmlfile and then use <render href="/layout.xhtml" />

Hope that helps.


On 1/6/06, James Britt <james_b at neurogami.com> wrote:
> Does Nitro have something similar to "layouts" in Rails?
> This is were you can define a main template for a controller, and have
> sub-templates for each action.
> I have  group of pages with the same header, footer, and so on, but the
> main body varies, and I'd like to just have a single "shell" template
> and plug in the guts that differ for each page.
> (I looked around the wiki, but didn't see it, nor did anything jump out
> at me in Nitro 0.26 examples, but if I missed something, please tell me.)
> Thanks,
> James Britt
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