[Nitro] [PATCH] Controls patch + bugfix

Jonas Pfenniger zimba.tm at gmail.com
Fri Jan 6 08:37:29 EST 2006

Ok, didn't know this.

Here it is :)

George Moschovitis wrote:

>Yeah, please resend this patch as a .gz/.zip attachment, gmail fucks
>up with the patch.
>thanks again ;-)
>On 1/6/06, Peter Abrahamsen <rainhead at gmail.com> wrote:
>>Thanks for your work. Would you mind sending future patches as
>>On Jan 6, 2006, at 12:21 AM, Jonas Pfenniger wrote:
>>>this patch contains three different things
>>>* Implemented the + and - for Fixnum control
>>>* Added a password control
>>>class User
>>>  property :password, String, :control => :password
>>>* Corrected a small bug in part/admin avoiding the generation on the
>>>css. It was using RenderExit intead of Nitro::RenderExit
>>>  zimba.tm
>>>New patches:
>>>[Implemented FixNum control's javascript
>>>Jonas Pfenniger <zimba.tm at gmail.com>**20060105203222] {
>>>hunk ./nitro/lib/nitro/helper/form/controls.rb 84
>>>-    %{<input type="text" id="#{prop.symbol}_ctl" name="#
>>>{prop.symbol}" value="#{value}"#{emit_style} /> + -}
>>>+    %{<input type="text" id="#{prop.symbol}_ctl" name="#
>>>{prop.symbol}" value="#{value}"#{emit_style} /> <a href="#"
>>>_ctl');e.value=parseInt(e.value)+1;return false;">+</a> <a href="#"
>>>_ctl');e.value=parseInt(e.value)-1;return false;">-</a>}
>>>[Added password control
>>>Jonas Pfenniger <zimba.tm at gmail.com>**20060106081508] {
>>>hunk ./nitro/lib/nitro/helper/form/controls.rb 109
>>>+# Password
>>>+class PasswordControl < Control
>>>+  setting :style, :default => 'width: 250px', :doc => 'The default
>>>+  def render
>>>+    %{<input type="password" id="#{prop.symbol}_ctl" name="#
>>>{prop.symbol}" value="#{value}"#{emit_style} />}
>>>+  end
>>>hunk ./nitro/lib/nitro/helper/form/controls.rb 256
>>>+    :password => PasswordControl,
>>>[Corrected small bug. part/admin was using RenderExit instead of
>>>Jonas Pfenniger <zimba.tm at gmail.com>**20060106081739] {
>>>hunk ./nitro/src/part/admin/controller.rb 59
>>>-        raise RenderExit
>>>+        raise Nitro::RenderExit
>>>[More flexible elements, auto inject ElementMixin if needed, handle
>>>elements in Nitro::Element namespace (safer), rdoc fixes.
>>>George Moschovitis <gm at navel.gr>**20060105134500]
>>>[Moved wee into helpers from adapter, some rdocs.
>>>George Moschovitis <gm at navel.gr>**20060105111714]
>>>[Add db dump/reload functionality, fixed some bugs too.
>>>George Moschovitis <gm at navel.gr>**20060104164703]
>>>[Charset setting for admin part.
>>>George Moschovitis <gm at navel.gr>**20060104112006]
>>>[Added support for WebFiles (ie file uploads) featuring imagemagick
>>>integration, thumbnails etc. Based on OgFile. Still under
>>>construction. Also added a new Gallery example to demonstrate this.
>>>George Moschovitis <gm at navel.gr>**20060103173028]
>>>[Added some template_root autodetection code, for more intelligent
>>>Template.root defaults.
>>>George Moschovitis <gm at navel.gr>**20060103105619]
>>>[More rdoc stuff, og store fix.
>>>George Moschovitis <gm at navel.gr>**20060103095522]
>>>bryan.a.soto at gmail.com**20051227234324
>>> Makes reap generate a gen executable.
>>>bryan.a.soto at gmail.com**20051230210508
>>> Specifies Nitro namespace so scaffolding can correctly fill Og
>>>objects if user didn't include Nitro namespace in his app.
>>>[Better handling of errors on transactions. [timlarson]
>>>George Moschovitis <gm at navel.gr>**20051230115326]
>>>[More Rdocs and small fixes here and there...
>>>George Moschovitis <gm at navel.gr>**20051230113524]
>>>[Better handling of NoAction error. [tsume]
>>>George Moschovitis <gm at navel.gr>**20051230110921]
>>>[Updated ProjectInfo's to generate rdocs, added some more rdocs
>>>comments here and there.
>>>George Moschovitis <gm at navel.gr>**20051230102254]
>>>[Bug fixed and optimized new reloader. Since the optimization is so
>>>efficient autoreloading is enabled for live (production) sites by
>>>George Moschovitis <gm at navel.gr>**20051230092419]
>>>[Implemented autoreload optimization (check for dirty). Much faster
>>>development mode. [timlarson]
>>>George Moschovitis <gm at navel.gr>**20051229163334]
>>>[Even more CGI fixes. [james_b]
>>>George Moschovitis <gm at navel.gr>**20051229142411]
>>>[Some fixes to the Cgi infrastructure.
>>>George Moschovitis <gm at navel.gr>**20051229134913]
>>>[Removed obsolete files and directories.
>>>George Moschovitis <gm at navel.gr>**20051229120449]
>>>[Updated INSTALL docs. [tsume]
>>>George Moschovitis <gm at navel.gr>**20051229115516]
>>>[Added support for auto accumulation in Og collections + test case.
>>>George Moschovitis <gm at navel.gr>**20051229114008]
>>>[Updated to scriptaculous 1.5.1
>>>George Moschovitis <gm at navel.gr>**20051229110226]
>>>[Small fixes in Rakefiles.
>>>George Moschovitis <gm at navel.gr>**20051229104414]
>>>[Use the generic setup.rb method for non-gem installation. [tsume]
>>>George Moschovitis <gm at navel.gr>**20051229102613]
>>>[Script compiler fixes, builder fixes, bumped version.
>>>George Moschovitis <gm at navel.gr>**20051228120643]
>>>[The helper alos requires the file (temp implementation).
>>>George Moschovitis <gm at navel.gr>**20051227122318]
>>>[Show off builder in flickr example.
>>>George Moschovitis <gm at navel.gr>**20051227122200]
>>>[More great javascript improvements, auto_require needed javascript
>>>George Moschovitis <gm at navel.gr>**20051227120036]
>>>[Draggable, AutoComplete, many improvements to the javascript helper.
>>>George Moschovitis <gm at navel.gr>**20051227112821]
>>>[Pass compiler to morphers, compiler.shared for compiler-stage
>>>shared memory and more compiler improvement.s
>>>George Moschovitis <gm at navel.gr>**20051227104444]
>>>[Cleaned up flickr.
>>>George Moschovitis <gm at navel.gr>**20051227102526]
>>>[Refactored javascript helper.
>>>George Moschovitis <gm at navel.gr>**20051227092450]
>>>[Small beautifications to the flickr example.
>>>George Moschovitis <gm at navel.gr>**20051227085606]
>>>[Implemented INCREDIBLE scriptgenerator for dead easy dhtml/ajax
>>>effects. Updated Flickr example.
>>>George Moschovitis <gm at navel.gr>**20051223165640]
>>>[Implemented client-side morphers.
>>>George Moschovitis <gm at navel.gr>**20051223133402]
>>>[Added new flickr example.
>>>George Moschovitis <gm at navel.gr>**20051223133313]
>>>[Small fixes.
>>>George Moschovitis <gm at navel.gr>**20051223091512]
>>>[Fix to the glue mailer so bcc and cc work
>>>rob at motionpath.com**20051222185208]
>>>[Add Nitro:: scope to Server in admin part
>>>chrisfarms at gmail.com**20051222220806]
>>>[Test cases need gems and facets
>>>rob at motionpath.com**20051222124409]
>>>bryan.a.soto at gmail.com**20051221224659
>>> Makes the test case pass.
>>>bryan.a.soto at gmail.com**20051221220552
>>> Removes breakpoint call from test case. Was loading active_support
>>>(Yes, Rails) from rake test runs.
>>>[TAG 0.26.0
>>>George Moschovitis <gm at navel.gr>**20051223090149]
>>>Patch bundle hash:
>>>Nitro-general mailing list
>>>Nitro-general at rubyforge.org
>>Nitro-general mailing list
>>Nitro-general at rubyforge.org
>Nitro-general mailing list
>Nitro-general at rubyforge.org

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