[Nitro] Help for Og Beginner

Gary Wright gwtmp01 at mac.com
Thu Jan 5 22:37:54 EST 2006

I've volunteered to learn and then share information about Og with  
my  local
Ruby User's group next week.  I've had a hard time finding a simple Og
example that actually works.  The standard tutorial says:

	WARNING: This tutorial refers to an older version of Og. Many new and
	exciting features were added in the meantime. Hopefuly this tutorial
	will be updated soon.

There must be a simple working example of Og somewhere?

I've got the gem installed and by looking at the API docs I guessed that
I needed to do something like:

db = Og::Store.create(
      :database => 'test',
      :adapter  => 'mysql',
      :user     => 'user',
      :password => 'password'

to establish a database connection but that just gets me:

	undefined method `ogmanager' for Post:Class

when I try to save an instance of Post.  (p.save)

The tutorial uses Og::Database, which is not defined.

    The default API link: http://www.nitrohq.com/rdoc/og/index.html
fails with an error.
    The alternate site: http://www.cs.helsinki.fi/u/kaniemel/rdoc/og/
    The 0.26.0 gem for og doesn't seem to build/install the rdocs
    The Og FAQs are really just that: questions with no answers!

I'm looking forward to playing with OG but I'd hoped to not have to
read the source to do it.

Can someone point me in the correct direction?

I'm going to watch the videos later tonight...

Gary Wright

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