[Nitro] PATCH: Multipart forms and @params, Some Controls code updates.

Chris Farmiloe chris at motionpath.com
Thu Jan 5 13:24:13 EST 2006

Happy 2006 list!...

Haven't quiet got round to getting up to speed with the list
-99 nitro emails was my christmas present from the list ;-)
sure it's all great!

anyway. here's some patches:

Mostly control code related, (and there'll be more to follow including
a blob upload control), started an array control.

Fixed the multipart form data issues not being compatible with
the @params hash, I think I also made the params array operate like
someone on the list wanted (request['this.that'] and request['this'] 
should both work - will maybe move this functionality to the request  
[] method
if everyone things that the @params hash looks a mess.

--next step is to make the structure_params function recursive so that
more complicated depth can be achieved with the POST data ie. INPUTS  
with names:


creating the @params (request) hash as

	'person' => {
		'address' => {
			'name' => 'string',
			'line1' => 'string',
			'line2' => 'string',
			'phone' => ['string','string']

right. home time.

Design & Development.

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