[Nitro] Default dir structure

rob rob at motionpath.com
Wed Jan 4 14:56:29 EST 2006

It is good to retain the flexibility to choose different directory  
structures as peoples tastes and conceptions vary and some projects  
are naturally more complex than others and thus require greater  
division into categories to make them manageable. The /src directory  
could go in most cases but I have played and end up putting it back  
after a while as I prefer the additional level of visual segmentation  
for all but mini projects. For what it's worth our projects often  
start out similar to this (which would definitely be cluttered rather  
than useful for a smaller project):

/conf/main.yml # sample configuration file for use by application
/public/js/prototype.js # the well known handy javascript library
/scripts/generate_rdoc.rb # i do not expect most people would want this
/src/views/main/index.xhtml # bare-bones template
/src/controllers/main.rb # bare-bones controller
/src/elements/generic.rb # bare-bones element

My opinion is that the user should be given a multiple-choice with  
each template assigned as being suitable for a different sized  
(small,medium,large,etc) as one consideration and the users like or  
dislike of folders as another consideration. Other things the  
generator should do is offer the user multiple choices about which  
store to use (creates the conf files), how things such as the  
compiler pipeline car constructed and if Nitro is to be included into  
the default namespace. Extra swish touches could be options to  
include a shebang in run.rb, say between "/where/is/bin/env ruby" and  
"/where/is/bin/ruby" I have a rudimentary implementation of this that  
we use to start our own projects but do not think it would be  
generally useful as it is heavily tied-in to our own systems and is  
console interactive only. Something I have considered is that it  
would be fun although a little time consuming to construct a GTK  
toolkit that allows you to draw our your nitro application with  
controllers, models, etc linked visually and a skeleton source code  
is produced for you. While this is unlikely to happen, a Nitro  
application with selector boxes (or javascript widgets but then you  
may have well as used GTK) that allow you to visually do the same. If  
someone is has time on their hands, there is a great project for you!  
Create a visual construction kit for the innovative and intelligent  
ruby web development framework. We would even need a new acronym RRAD  
(rocket-rapid application development/really rapid application  
development) perhaps. Or better yet, NRAD - Nitro-Rapid application  

- rp

On 3 Jan 2006, at 11:11, George Moschovitis wrote:

> BTw,
> I mean the USERS application dir. And this is only the suggested dir.
> Unlike Rails you can use any dir structure you need for Nitro
> applications.
> -g.
> On 1/3/06, Yvon Thoraval <thoraval.yvon at free.fr> wrote:
>> Le 3 janv. 06 à 11:32, George Moschovitis a écrit :
>> What do you think about this one:
>> run.rb
>> controller.rb
>> model.rb
>> template/*
>> public/*
>> log/*
>> i do agree, their is no needs of a subdir src...
>> Yvon
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