[Nitro] Patch management

Aleksi Niemela Aleksi.Niemela at cs.helsinki.fi
Mon Jan 2 14:54:18 EST 2006

I've heard there might be patches that are not accepted into Glycerin. 
I'd like to see few things happen:

1) In case George has looked at patches but doesn't accept for whatever 
reason (and that's his right) it would be nice if the reasons are made 
explicit. If some more work is needed to get the patch accepted, saying 
that would be most important. If there're ideological or other reasons 
making those public would provide sense of direction for the rest of devs.

I propose all Patch talk is kept in this same Nitro mailing list but 
message subjects would be prefixed with "PATCH:". In time, I hope, the 
patch traffic will grow to annoying level and dedicated mailing list 
should be spawned.

I hope no message containing a Patch won't go unanswered. Simple 
"committed" or "won't make into glue per 
http://www.nitrohq.com/view/ArchitecturalGuidelines" shouldn't be too 
much. Discussions might emerge for accepted and not-accepted patches.

2) All the patches would be public. Those shouldn't be sent only to 
George but for example to aforementioned public mailing list or they 
could be placed into separate directory at nitrohq for rest of Devs to 
fetch and work upon.

One could go forward with public patches and more maintainers might show 
up naturally. In case George is busy sometime another maintainer could 
prepare glycerin "upgrade" bundle by accepting dozens of patches and 
testing those. George would then have an easy job to put that one bigger 
bundle in official glycerin.

I guess this kind "parallel development" is one of the great ideas Darcs 
should enable.


I have no standing patches, I guess, so these points don't touch me 
personally, but I could imagine any dev could get frustrated if sending 
patches feels like throwing them into (mostly friendly) black hole.

    - Aleksi

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