[Nitro] Plans for new release.

Aidan Rogers aidan at yoyo.org
Tue Feb 28 21:45:55 EST 2006


In order to help out somewhat, I'll be installing Trac on a server  
today (doing it as we speak).  I'll also be able to host a repository  
there, which we can use for continuous integration/unit testing.   
More details later in the day.


On 01/03/2006, at 10:44 AM, Bryan Soto wrote:

> Hi list,
> I don't know what George or anyone else has in mind, but I'd like  
> to see all tests passing, all examples (including Spark and Flare)  
> working and as many bugs as possible squashed. That's what I've  
> been working towards for a while and what I'd like to see before  
> the upcoming March 6th release.
> If there's anyone who'd like to help Nitro and Og, and isn't sure  
> where to start, that's a good way I think. :)
> Assuming you've got glycerin from George's repo:
> *  rake test in glue/nitro/og subdirectories runs unit tests. You  
> might need to set RUBYOPT=-rubygems for this. Edit og/test/og/ 
> CONFIG.rb for your particular database set up.
> *  examples/spark/flare are in their own subdirectories.
> *  I've been listing bugs as I've found them, seen them here, etc.  
> on Rubyforge. If you find something you can't fix, please list it  
> there so we know it exists and don't forget about it. I'm currently  
> receiving emails from the Tracker and will forward them to the list  
> so they are noticed.
> If anyone else has something to add as to goals for the new  
> release, please do post it. It'd be good to get coordinated for  
> this release.
> Thanks for listening,
> Bryan
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