[Nitro] Nitro BOF @ RailsConf Chicago?

Bakki Kudva bakki.kudva at gmail.com
Fri Feb 24 22:47:00 EST 2006

Quite simple actually. (I am on a Debian Sarge box so ymmv).
I installed Ruby-GTK2 with apt-get.
I did a simple install with..
ruby --prefix=/home/bakki/bin install.rb

I added
export RUBYOPT
to my .bash_profile

start the debugger by...
mr_guid run.rb (in the project directory)
That's it! The debugger pops up and you hit F4 or click 'start debuger' icon.
After that F7 single steps and loads the .rb sources into the right pane.
The left pane has 4 tabs [Globals, Locals, Threads, stack]
The $ globals are shown both in the short and their English forms!
If you hit F5 or 'run/continue' the debugger zips thro the code until
WebBrick is running and ready to listen on 9999.
Any action in the browser then creates a 'req' hash as well as the
response hash.
The arrow buttons above the right pane allow you to jump to the
previous/next source files.
DobuleClick on a line to set a breakpoint.
DoubleClick on a var to change its value.
It is quite fast on my AMD64 workstation but painfully slow on my
laptop - not surprising since it is an old clunker of a Gateway with a
 PentiumII 400MHz and 384MB of RAM.

I think it is a very capable debugger already at v0.2! Mitchell has
done an amazing job. THe debugger is only 80K or so installed!

Definitely a MUST have TOOL for any Rubyist :)

I'll be happy to post any other interesting Nitro related findings in
the future.
Hope that helps,


On 2/24/06, Michael Fellinger <m.fellinger at gmail.com> wrote:
> anything special to do for getting mr-guid working with nitro?otherwise i just give it a stab now :)

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