[Nitro] How Zed Saved www.nitrohq.com

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Yeay, go Zed :)

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>I was sitting in the #nitro IRC channel for a few days since I do work on
> Mongrel (http://mongrel.rubyforge.org) and Nitro uses it as one of their
> adapters.  I was going to get the darcs repository and see how they used 
> it
> and help make it work for them.
> People kept complaining that the www.nitrohq.com site was down and when I
> tried to hit it the site didn't answer so I just went about my business.
> Today I got up and was bored so I decided to look into it.  I hit
> http://www.whois.sc/nitrohq.com and found out what DNS servers were being
> used.  I couldn't get to one at all and the other was completely screwed 
> not
> answering DNS queries.  I added the IP address to my /etc/hosts and turned
> out the www.nitrohq.com site was actually working it just had screwed DNS.
> First thing I did was e-mail info at navel.gr and told them to fix it.
> Second thing I did was grab a mirror through my /etc/hosts change using 
> wget
> -m to grab the whole thing.  I then put it on the mongrel site at
> http://mongrel.rubyforge.org/www.nitrohq.com/ and stripped out all the
> google ads and videos.
> By the time I'd finished doing this mirroring the folks at navel.gr 
> actually
> fixed the site.  Took them a whole five minutes tops.
> I'm keeping the mirror up in case it goes down again.
> Hope y'all like it.
> Zed A. Shaw
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