[Nitro] cache_ouput

Fang Sun nusgnaf at gmail.com
Thu Feb 23 10:10:43 EST 2006

Hi, I dig the code a bit.

from nitro/caching/output.rb, Nitro will not cache action invoking
POST method. But for pagination helper, the default @key variable is
got from request['_page'] or set to 1 directly. This cause Nitro to
cache default actoion with pager helper. After that, request to that
action, even using POST method, is served with cached file.

I still have no clue to rewrite the request to push {'_page' => 1}
into request parameters. Simple 'redirect' doesn't work. Investigating
glue/uri.rb doesn't help much.

Or, is it possiable to make nitro ignore cached file for actions
invoking POST method?

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