[Nitro] Streaming/redirection

Joshua Hoke nitro at tap.homeip.net
Thu Feb 23 08:00:10 EST 2006

On Wed, Feb 22, 2006 at 11:54:15PM -0700, James Britt wrote:
> This may or may not be a Nitro question.  It *could* be, though perhaps 
> a non-Nitro solution is available.  Which is fine, too. :)
> (I'm running Apache2 on Red Hat Linux.  I've tried bw_mod

This is not a Nitro answer :), but you might be looking for mod_evasive.
Google points to http://www.nuclearelephant.com/projects/mod_evasive/

Disclaimer: I've never tried it, but you can see if it fits the bill.
Maybe someone else knows more.

Quote from page:
    Detection is performed by creating an internal dynamic hash table of IP
    Addresses and URIs, and denying any single IP address from any of the

    * Requesting the same page more than a few times per second
    * Making more than 50 concurrent requests on the same child per
    * Making any requests while temporarily blacklisted (on a
      blocking list) 
End quote.


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