[Nitro] Create models from existing database?

S P Arif Sahari Wibowo arifsaha at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 22 16:14:26 EST 2006

On Wed, 22 Feb 2006, Bryan Soto wrote:
> I believe you'd have to define your properties to match by 
> hand.

Oh well. Just tiring when you deal with bigger models.

> It does seem like something that can be automated though. 
> Thanks for the suggestion. That's a good one.

Definitely can. Just need a SQL DDL parser, spitting Ruby codes 
as they go along. It won't be as difficult as the database 
interface since the parser doesn't have to care whether certain 
type or option is applicable for certain database engine.

Any suggestion where to start (any language parser in Ruby)? If 
not I probably grab perl SQL parser for that.


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