[Nitro] Discussion about setting relationships with unsaved objects

George Moschovitis george.moschovitis at gmail.com
Wed Feb 22 07:14:21 EST 2006

Please don't make this change yet.I would like to add a 'build' mode
in collections.
Ie, You create an object, assign the relations and save in one go.
Will add this during next week, so be patient.


On 2/22/06, Rob Pitt <rob at motionpath.com> wrote:
> Currently in Og if you try and assign has many or joins many
> relationships to an unsaved object, the object is silently saved in the
> background (this is needed to make the relationship work), but if you do
> the same with refers_to/belongs_to/has_one, this does not happen,
> instead Og proceeds as if everything is fine essentially ignoring your
> request (and losing the relationship).
> I think all of these behaviours are wrong because you may not expect
> your object to have been saved in the has_many/joins_many case and you
> will not know why your code mysteriously breaks in the belongs_to case
> (this actually bit me while writing a unit test the other day and it
> took me a good five minutes to work out what was wrong).
> I believe that all of these cases should throw and exception as you
> should not be trying to assign relationships to unsaved objects, but
> before I make this happen I want to confirm with the list you agree this
> is the appropriate course of action. This way informs you that your code
> is broken and if you did want automatic saving all you'd need to do is:
> begin
>  obj.relation = remote
> rescue UnsavedException
>  obj.save!
>  remote.save!
>  retry
> end
> Of course, this is pretty silly since you should be doing:
> remote.save!
> obj.relation = remote
> obj.save!
> In your code anyway.
> At the very least, the refers_to/has_one/belongs_to relationships should
> have the same behaviour as the other relationships, be that auto-saving
> as they currently do, or as I believe, throwing exceptions.
> Comments?
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