[Nitro] fastcgi without Og

Bryan Soto bryan.a.soto at gmail.com
Tue Feb 21 14:36:51 EST 2006

On 2/21/06, Fabian Buch <fabian at oggu.de> wrote:
> hi, I just started writing a new app, which doesn't need a database
> yet, so I didn't require Og in my run.rb. That led to the following
> error:
> /usr/lib/ruby/gems/1.8/gems/nitro-0.28.0/lib/nitro/adapter/fastcgi.rb:
> 16: undefined method `thread_safe=' for Og:Module (NoMethodError)
> Of course I can just uncommend that or require Og anyway (which I did
> for now), but maybe a nitro-adapter shouldn't rely on Og being enabled.
> What would be the best way for the fastcgi-adapter to ask for whether
> og enabled?


This is from the current repository and is a good way, I think. :)

# No multi-threading.

Og.thread_safe = false if defined?(Og) and Og.respond_to?(:thread_safe)


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