[Nitro] Localization

Rob Pitt rob at motionpath.com
Mon Feb 20 12:35:12 EST 2006

We always spec out pipelines so I never considered this. Creating some
default selectable pipelines is a great idea!

On Sat, 2006-02-18 at 21:27 +0900, Michael Fellinger wrote:
> sorry, i was in a hurry and didn't think properly - here is the stuff
> in a nice .tar.gz way :)
> 2006/2/18, rob <rob at motionpath.com>:
> > Can you please zip up attachments to the list? They get mangled
> > otherwise.
> >
> > I don't think Localization should be in the default pipe, it's very
> > easy to change the pipeline if you need it and most of us don't need
> > Localization in 90% of our projects. I am against it, but not
> > strongly so as it is just as easy for me to remove it from the
> > pipeline as it is for you to add it.
> Well, here is the problem, every change to the pipeline needs a
> complete listing of a new pipeline you want to use.
> but, thinking more about it we could make a couple of
> default-pipelines, just choosing the current one as the real default
> and providing a _fully_loaded_ one as well as some other ones for
> common tasks like the localization or use of the
> javascript-compiler...
> should be pretty trivial to make, but spares some problems for some
> people, i'll take a stab at it later.
> The real problem with custom pipelines is that you have to figure out
> the correct order to put them in - in the case a compiler  does not
> work properly it is a pain to find out wich one is causing the trouble
> and how to make it work properly without breaking other compilers at
> the same time.
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