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Michael Fellinger m.fellinger at gmail.com
Sat Feb 18 07:27:49 EST 2006

sorry, i was in a hurry and didn't think properly - here is the stuff
in a nice .tar.gz way :)

2006/2/18, rob <rob at motionpath.com>:
> Can you please zip up attachments to the list? They get mangled
> otherwise.
> I don't think Localization should be in the default pipe, it's very
> easy to change the pipeline if you need it and most of us don't need
> Localization in 90% of our projects. I am against it, but not
> strongly so as it is just as easy for me to remove it from the
> pipeline as it is for you to add it.

Well, here is the problem, every change to the pipeline needs a
complete listing of a new pipeline you want to use.
but, thinking more about it we could make a couple of
default-pipelines, just choosing the current one as the real default
and providing a _fully_loaded_ one as well as some other ones for
common tasks like the localization or use of the
should be pretty trivial to make, but spares some problems for some
people, i'll take a stab at it later.
The real problem with custom pipelines is that you have to figure out
the correct order to put them in - in the case a compiler  does not
work properly it is a pain to find out wich one is causing the trouble
and how to make it work properly without breaking other compilers at
the same time.
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