Bryan Soto bryan.a.soto at gmail.com
Fri Feb 17 15:29:56 EST 2006

  * part-admin_array_control_fix
  Adds #emit_container_start, #emit_container_end to ArrayControl. Change to
#emit_js to fix off by one error in remove array element button.

  Credit to aidan <infurious email address cut>


  * tc_cacheable_test_fix
  Some fixes to make tc_cacheable pass. Partial fix for tc_hierarchical. At
least it makes it error out a bit further along.


  * more_glue_namespace_fixes
  Adds module name to a few more classes. Removes some unneeded requires of
glue files.


Followup on part/admin from Aidan:

The above "fix" is not a complete one.  There are issues
with saving: once you actually save an object it doesn't fill
in useful values for the array in the database (in fact, it saves
empty StringIO objects it seems).

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