[Nitro] [PATCH] Allow finder method to accept arrays

zimba.tm zimba.tm at gmail.com
Wed Feb 15 05:13:04 EST 2006


On Tuesday 14 February 2006 15:01, Rob Pitt wrote:
> I had a project where I was doing a lot of:
> NavigationLink.find_all_by_url('/a')
> So I tried to reduct the queries by doing:
> NavigationLink.find_all_by_url(['/a','/b'])
> Passing it an array where it can select multiple results. This exploded
> and I didn't think it should so I made this patch and you can now do
> this.
> I notice the MySQL store redefines quote (mass file search) but didn't
> change it so this will still explode with the MySQL store. Since nothing
> is lost by this, I submit the patch anyway in the knowledge the
> eminently capable Bryan Soto will probably sort this out in MySQL ;)
> Includes my earlier fix to my first patch as it hasn't appeared in
> glycerin yet and darcs forced me to submit it again.


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