[Nitro] Og tutorial (part one)

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Tue Feb 14 22:37:03 EST 2006

This is really nicely written and very helpful. Thanks so much!

One question: how does the rule for naming join tables handle the case when 
one has more than one many_to_many relation between the same 2 classes 
(using different attribute names).

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> Hi all,
> In writing the Nitro tutorial, it quickly became obvious to me that
> my knowledge of Nitro isn't sufficient for the task as yet.  However,
> my knowledge of Og is pretty good, so I've just modified the work
> I've done so far to be a gentle introduction to Og.  (I've decided it
> ain't going to be a book!)
> http://www.infurious.com/blogs/index.php/aidan/2006/02/14/
> og_tutorial_part_one
> Feedback appreciated.  Specifically, I'd like requests as to what
> you'd like me to write about next :-)  My current intention is to
> move onto more advanced settings in Og.setup (schema evolution, for
> example) and to introduce schema_inheritance.
> Aidan
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