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On Monday 13 February 2006 22:41, Bryan Soto wrote:
>   * dispatch_test_case
>   Adds test for NoActionError to tc_dispatch.
>   * prevent_multi_enchantments
>   This patch changes _no_ external behaviour. It only rejects classes
> already managed in Og::Manager#manage_classes from the collection returned
> from Og::Manager#manageable_classes.
>   Also adds a method Og::Manager.managed_classes which returns all classes
> actually managed by Og, as opposed to Og::Manager.manageable_classes which
> returns all classes that are capable of being managed. A subtle difference
> perhaps, but it bugged me.

It Og::Manager a singleton class ? Normally Og supports multiple database 
connections. Does it instanciate a new store or a new manager for each 
database ?

I hope your patch doesn't break this.

>   * og_thread_safe_fixes


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