Bryan Soto bryan.a.soto at gmail.com
Mon Feb 13 16:41:48 EST 2006

  * dispatch_test_case
  Adds test for NoActionError to tc_dispatch.

  * prevent_multi_enchantments
  This patch changes _no_ external behaviour. It only rejects classes
already managed in Og::Manager#manage_classes from the collection returned
from Og::Manager#manageable_classes.

  Also adds a method Og::Manager.managed_classes which returns all classes
actually managed by Og, as opposed to Og::Manager.manageable_classes which
returns all classes that are capable of being managed. A subtle difference
perhaps, but it bugged me.

  * og_thread_safe_fixes
  Cleans up some further problems with Og.thread_safe. Og.thread_safe is
global and Og::Manager changes behaviour based off the global setting, but
wasn't properly adapting to the change. As an example, if Og.thread_safe is
true when a manager is created, it will create a store. If Og.thread_safe is
later changed to false, it ignores the pool to use the @store instance
variable that was never assigned to returning nil.

  This should probably be a per manager setting, where managers store the
value of Og.thread_safe at the time of creation and use it for their
lifetime. This would allow you to mix managers, though I don't know if
anyone actually needs that.


prevent_multi_enchantments should be clean. I checked both with both Chris'
STI test and against part/admin.rb. Og test suite runs again.

Rob, you might want to check out og_thread_safe_fixes. Guill's bundle made
the errors I think you were getting very consistent. My bundle fixes the
problem, but there's probably a better solution.

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