[Nitro] PATCH: Og, Tests

zimba.tm zimba.tm at gmail.com
Mon Feb 13 07:32:48 EST 2006

On Monday 13 February 2006 13:14, George Moschovitis wrote:
> > By the way, is there a reason part/ isn't a subdirectory of lib/?
> > nitro/lib/part/admin/*? Rather than nitro/src/part/admin.
> There is a reason, but I am still thinking at the bes place for parts
> and I dont have the time for a full anwser at the moment. Please
> remind me of this before the release of Nitro 0.29.0 (planned for the
> beginning of March) so we can decide a final position...

I think it's nice to consider part/admin as a standalone application that you 
plug in your existing framework. I wish we could build various other buidling 
blocks like this.


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