[Nitro] [oree.ch] Patchset #1

Michael Neumann mneumann at ntecs.de
Mon Feb 13 06:26:28 EST 2006

Am 13.02.2006 um 09:43 schrieb zimba.tm:
> On Sunday 12 February 2006 23:51, Michael Neumann wrote:
> How about additional keywords that are dependent of the database,  
> like mysql's
> auto_incerment or UNSIGNED ?

I guess this can be done with the existing implementation using
:extra_sql (I don't remember the correct keyword).

With :sql_type, you could write:

   property :age, Integer, :sql_type => "UNSIGNED INT"

Or auto_increment:

   property :myid, Integer, :extra_sql => 'auto_increment'

Even with :sql_type, we wouldn't need :length or :limit at all as we  
could write:

   property :name, String, :sql_type => "VARCHAR(256)"

But then, we could do everything directly with:

   property :name, String, :sql => "VARCHAR(256) DEFAULT '' NOT NULL"



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