[Nitro] Og Revisted

TRANS transfire at gmail.com
Thu Feb 9 21:18:38 EST 2006

I'd like work on improving Og according to some of the ideas here:


The first part is to change the way a class gets enchanted
("ogified"). Right now a class in _usually_ enchanted when the
#property method is used. There are a few draw backs to this. Firstly,
it is inefficent b/c every time the property method is called it has
to first check to see if the class is already enchanted or not. Also,
it's not 100% consistant because some people have reported cases when
a class needs to be enchanted though the #property method hasn't been
used. And though it's nice when things seem automatic, in this case
being explict about which class are enchanted is a much better thing,
making it easier to maintain the code. Also it will greatly reduce
some complexity in parts of the Og code and improve run times a bit.

So what do others think? Also, what alternatives, modifications, or
other suggestions with regard to this (the Setup section on the wiki
page) does anyone have?


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