[Nitro] Bug tracking (and Documentation Survey)

Reid Thompson reid.thompson at ateb.com
Tue Feb 7 16:27:57 EST 2006

Aidan Rogers wrote:
> OK - putting my money where my mouth is :-)
> Over the next week I'm going to take time out from active development  
> of the product I'm working on to write an issue tracker in Og/Nitro.   
> Nitro needs one, my company also happens to need one and it gives me  
> an opportunity to learn Nitro at the same time (I already know Og).
> Why does this apply to the documentation survey?  Well, I'm going to  
> document it all as one big step-by-step tutorial, complete with  
> online and inline docs.  If anyone has time to help out, let me know,  
> either by mail or on IRC.  I'm 'five' on #nitro on irc.freenode.net,  
> and I'll be using the folks there for reference for Nitro commands.
> I'll be getting started as soon as this mail is gone.  I anticipate  
> taking a week or so to get something that is both usable and a useful  
> tutorial and introduction: it makes for a good alternative to the  
> shopping cart that all the books seem to use.  I'll probably use  
> Hieraki to document for now (as used by docs.rubygems.org for instance).
> In return for taking the time out of product development, I'd really  
> like for my company to be listed on NitroHQ as a proud sponsor of the  
> product - this is how I justify the time away from developing what  
> actually makes the dollars.  We can talk about that after I've done  
> the work tho ;-)
> Aidan
> http://www.infurious.com
Very cool.  Looking forward to this.

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