[Nitro] BRB,

George Moschovitis george.moschovitis at gmail.com
Tue Feb 7 03:07:00 EST 2006

Dear devs,

as I have already told you, I will be offline for some time. I tried
my best to release 0.28.0 before I leave but there should be some
problems. Anyway, the community was quick to provide patches in the
past and I am sure everything will work out this time too.

I really hope that people like Bryan, Chris, Guill and the rest will
stand up and drive the project to even more maturity and maybe some
new features. I would like to see the proposed patches integrated in a
new 'unofficial' repository so that I can integrate them later to the
official repository (as described in earlier posts). If that doesnt 
work out, we can find another solution. But, most  importantly, I
would love to be surprised by new developments on this project.
Remember, Nitro is an open/free project, we all make it what it is.

Moreover, now is a great time to work on issues like:

- RDocs
- Tutorials
- Tests, tests , tests
- Small refactorings
- Better integration with facets
- More examples

It  was a pleasure working with you, and I am looking forward to be
back on this list really soon :)
I hope we will have a great new  community-powered version to release till then.

best regards,


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