[Nitro] Documentation Survey

Bryan Soto bryan.a.soto at gmail.com
Mon Feb 6 21:30:47 EST 2006

Hi list,

I know everyone can agree that we need docs. So, to figure out what was most
important to begin documenting and what type would be most useful, I came up
with this. Hope it isn't too weird.

In a poker game, as part of the pot you win one hour of a Nitro/Og/Glue
developers time. We'll refer to this developer as GM. ;)

You decide to have GM spend that 60 minutes writing documentation. Now how
would you budget GM's time on the documentation that's most important to
you? And what type of docs would you have GM write? As an example,

Apache configuration, 15 minutes, examples

Aspects, 15 minutes, article

Og Relationships, 15 minutes, tutorial

Nitro helpers, 15 minutes, RDocs

Feel free to add whatever form of documentation you can think of. I only ask
that you list each documentation form separately, as

Apache configuration, 15 minutes, examples

Apache configuration, 15 minutes, article

And minutes only please, we don't want to micro-manage him down to the
second ;)

The premise is, I hope, simple. You don't want to tell GM just to document
Nitro, because GM, not knowing any better, will document what he thinks is
important, not necessarily what would help you most. You might want GM to
spend the full 60 minutes on Apache configuration, for example, to get
really good docs on that.

I'd like people to reply on the list because I hope people will revise their
answers based off of other people responses so we can find out where we'll
get the biggest return on our efforts.

Anyway, as I said. I hope it isn't too weird an idea.

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