[Nitro] [wiki] Graphist needed

Michael Fellinger manveru at weez.co.jp
Sun Feb 5 23:39:19 EST 2006

Hey zimba.tm :)

Would be interested in doing something like that - it would definitly help 
everyone to see the flow of nitro/og.
However, it might take a time and needs some very detailed information about 
all the parts - so we could meet in irc sometime or just mail us the 
I think you've got more insight in the working between the different parts, 
however i like to do a bit of UML-modelling and gfx-work, so let's work 
together for the greater good of humanity ^^ (i must sound like one of these 
japanese already...)

I'll try to get a grasp at how the parts of nitro|og|glue|facets|breakpoint|
redcloth|daemons work together.
It just deems to me that we could sometime get rid of the redcloth-dependecy.
Also a goal, wich might be a bit offtopic here: making gems out of spark/flare 
and let them become mature projects of their own.
I think there's a lot of power to unleash in these - also the simpler examples 
could be polished up a bit, kind of deluxe edition with pretty CSS and one or 
two additional functions.
for example - extending the gallery with an ability to delete images and doing 
other fancy stuff (also making the layout a bit nicer - i rewrote most of the 
example already for the CMS i'm doing - might mail it to the list sometime 

Now that was a bit offtopic, but i guess everyone is reading it despite of 
that fact...

However, i'd like to help with the generation of some pretty stuff to make 
nitro looking better and to give people who don't have a deep insight to get 
a grasp on what's going on in there.


Am Monday 06 February 2006 00:22 schrieb zimba.tm:
> Hello,
> Is somebody interested in producing some graphs for nitrohq.com ?
> It would be nice to have 3 different graphs at least :
>  * Shema showing the place of each building block : Facets, Glue, Nitro,
> Og, Breakpoint..
>  * Shema showing the different parts of Og.
>  * Shema showing the different Nitro parts
>  * Shema showing the workflow of Nitro (transformers, ...)
> If somebody is interested, I will give more details about it.
> Cheers,
>   Jonas Pfenniger
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