[Nitro] 1.0 (revisited)

George Moschovitis george.moschovitis at gmail.com
Sat Feb 4 05:22:04 EST 2006

>  I think about Nitro and Og a lot. To me, they're fun to use They're
> flexible and fit well with Ruby in general. They take care of details so I
> ...
> I'm alone in that.

nice to hear ;-)

>  * All Og stores should be (relatively) interchangeable. Currently the
> that the underlying store doesn't support though.


>  * Og refactoring. Store adaptors should be just that, adaptors. Things like
> constraints, schema evolution, etc. should all be handled in the SqlStore
> super class. The way things currently are, every single adaptor has the
> schema evolution code cut and pasted in.

I totally agree with this. I would really prefer to defer this 
refactoring for month or so, so that I would be able to participate in
this, but If anynone was to  tried  he may go ahead and do it. it is
an open source project after  all. But I really have some specific
ideas on this, and   I believe the community will like the changes I
plan to do as I am thinking about them for a lot of time.

>  * Nitro should respect the $GLUE_DONT_INCLUDE flag, i.e. Aspect in code
> should be referred to as Glue::Aspect. As it is now, you get errors trying
> to run a Nitro app with this flag set. Besides, when our name space is
> clean, we can interact with other libraries better, e.g. Builder.

Even, If I don't fully agree with this, if the rest  of the core 
developers  think it is necessary, then
go ahead and do it ;-)

> * More tests in the test suite.

This is certainly  something I would   *love* to be improved during
february. It is extremely important.

>  * Nitro should generate proper XML. This might require another transform in
> the compiler pipeline.

>  * Better support for multiple stores. The Og test suite not running was a
> symptom of this.

I wanted to tackle this in time  for 0.28.0 but saddly I do not have
the time now :(

>  * Og.thread_safe not properly respected. When pooling, connections aren't
> returned to the pool.

there are some fixes about this in 0.28.0



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