[Nitro] Og and SQLite

George Moschovitis george.moschovitis at gmail.com
Fri Feb 3 04:10:44 EST 2006

thanks will have a look at this ;-)


On 2/3/06, Mitchell Foral <ffsnoopy at gmail.com> wrote:
> >It's not on my plans, and I don't know of anyone attempting this.
> >I would love to see your attempt ;-)
> >regards,
> >George.
> Here is an Og store for SQLite2. I'm not sure how to fully test it,
> but I didn't see any potential SQL syntax incompatibilities from the
> SQLite3 store. It seems to work well with Nitro's Flare application,
> but again, I'm not sure of Flare's full capability. The store can be
> used by doing something like
> Og.setup( :store => :sqlite2, :name => 'database.db' )
> As you will see, the transition was extremely smooth, as just a few
> 'sqlite3' replacements with 'sqlite' and 'sqlite2' were necessary.
> This also brings up the point that since the sqlite3 and sqlite2
> stores are so similar, could there be a way to merge the two
> appropriately? Unfortunately my knowledge of Og API and internals is
> quite limited and I'm not sure of the best approach to this.
> Hope this helps,
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> -Mitchell;
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