[Nitro] Og and SQLite

Mitchell Foral ffsnoopy at gmail.com
Thu Feb 2 17:13:55 EST 2006

>It's not on my plans, and I don't know of anyone attempting this.
>I would love to see your attempt ;-)


Here is an Og store for SQLite2. I'm not sure how to fully test it,
but I didn't see any potential SQL syntax incompatibilities from the
SQLite3 store. It seems to work well with Nitro's Flare application,
but again, I'm not sure of Flare's full capability. The store can be
used by doing something like
Og.setup( :store => :sqlite2, :name => 'database.db' )

As you will see, the transition was extremely smooth, as just a few
'sqlite3' replacements with 'sqlite' and 'sqlite2' were necessary.
This also brings up the point that since the sqlite3 and sqlite2
stores are so similar, could there be a way to merge the two
appropriately? Unfortunately my knowledge of Og API and internals is
quite limited and I'm not sure of the best approach to this.

Hope this helps,
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