[Nitro] 1.0 (revisited)

Aidan Rogers aidan at yoyo.org
Wed Feb 1 19:44:52 EST 2006


I think the Nitro community to date has been very focused on  
functionality and in getting stuff out there.  This is why I've  
mentioned 1.0 in the past.  For Nitro to become more mainstream, it  
needs a face lift.

Compare http://www.nitrohq.com, http://www.rubyonrails.com, http:// 
www.djangoproject.com - if you didn't care between Ruby and Python,  
and were researching web app development frameworks, Nitro would not  
go on your list of choices.  (In fact, most sites with have Google  
ads on them automatically get less attention from some people).

Rails has a bunch of problems, which is probably why all of us are on  
this list.  What is it they say in Robots?

"See a need, fill a need."

Nitro has the potential to allow simple creation of extremely  
powerful and very attractive web sites, without needing in depth  
knowledge of:

2) JavaScript
3) SQL

If I were in charge of this project, I would set a goal to reach that  
state.  Create some milestones saying "We need to be able to provide  
X, Y, Z functionality."  Throw them out to this community and get  
feedback, and then set the direction based on those milestones.

I've been using Og for developing a web-service application, and this  
app also needs some web-based front-end work.  However, my business  
partner has been questioning my choice of technology - he _does_ the  
comparison between Rails and Nitro, and on the surface Nitro comes up  
short.  I'm happy to contribute my time and resources (whether that  
be materials or money) to getting Nitro to the level where it is a  
serious competitor to Rails.

I've started a business that needs to use a framework like Og/Nitro  
or Rails.  I don't want to be forced down the Railway Track :-)


p.s. Apologies if this comes across as a rant

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