[Nitro] Make Postgres work again

Jonathan Buch john at oxyliquit.de
Mon Aug 28 18:37:27 EDT 2006


> I applied the patch and get errors like this with mysql:

Also with postgresql, I located the source of the problem, but the :select  
option which turns extra rows into instance variables maybe should check  
for validity of variable names... not sure.

> I have to work on something else today, could you please play a bit
> more with the patch (perhaps add the fix to STI that manveru talked
> about) and send me an improved version? Else, I will probably have a
> look at this myself later in this week. But it would *really* help to
> have an improved version.

Aye, done.  And would you please add those patches to  
http://repo.nitroproject.org?  I have a little trouble when trying to send  
patches because that repo doesn't know of anything, I have to sort quite  
some other patches out and I have to 'add' more patches than actually  

The STI is a little heavier of a problem and I'd rather let manveru do  
this.  But I'll gladly post his patch when it's ready. :P

> Once again, thanks a lot for your efforts!

No problem, sometimes it's a little frustrating, all that bug hunting I  
mean.  Sometimes I wonder what the big Og reorganization did except create  
problems and remove psql constraints, but overall I just can't help but  
work on it so I can use it with new Oxy and live happily ever after. :P   
Blame the nice community on IRC. :P

> PS: BTW, rubust postgres support is the showstopper for releasing
> 0.40.0 so it would be great to resolve this ;-)

Aye!  It would :P  Showstopper indeed, and could you please look into the  
constraint code again for 0.41?  Pretty please with sugar on top ^^;


Feel the love
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