[Nitro] controls_for in glycerin 0.40

gabriele renzi surrender_it at yahoo.it
Mon Aug 28 04:23:18 EDT 2006

Fabian Buch ha scritto:
> I'm missing controls_for in 0.40 repo which was in 0.31. Where did it  
> go? They weren't perfect, but it was a nice tradeoff between form_for  
> and doing all bits by hand. Oxyliquit and two newer apps by me use it  
> heavily.
> Is there a replacement that I didn't notice yet? Maybe in new  
> scaffolding of riffraff?

I wonder if the code in 0.31 was a patch that still has to be applied to 
0.40, because it seem a more modular implementation of controls.

Anyway, there is a control_for in 0.40 too, belonging to FormXmlBuilder
even if I'm not sure it is what you want.

The right way seem to be something like:

form(@object) do |f|
  f.attr(:some_attribute) #renders label+field for attribute


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