[Nitro] Finally coming along...

Fang Sun nusgnaf at gmail.com
Mon Aug 28 01:03:23 EDT 2006

Hi, Trans, I am tring to integrate latest facets-1.7.30 with nitro,
with the latest annotation implementation, the following class level
Class A
    ann self, :h => "metadata_h"
can only be accessed by
A.ann(A) =>#<Annotation(A#A) #<Annotation:0xb7b9aed0 {:j=>"hoo"}>>
A.ann.self => #NoMethodError: undefined method `self' for
It looks that A.ann.self refers to metadata for explicite annotation like
ann :self, blahblah
this break the annotation usage in nitro. would you please bring back
klass.ann.self as a quick set/get method to class level metadata?

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