[Nitro] Ebook

Jonathan Buch john at oxyliquit.de
Thu Aug 24 14:18:08 EDT 2006


> can someone suggest an OSS programm for preparing an e-book? Ideally
> this programm should run under Gnome (An ubuntu .deb is perfect).

Depends on what you mean by preparing :)

I guess that highly depends on in which language the book is written.  I  
personally would probably use LaTeX.  It's basically fast to write and  
looks good.  It's easy to convert to pdf, which is probably the best  
end-format for an ebook.

`pdflatex` would then be the program of choice to convert to pdf for  
screen use.  The package 'listings' is quite good for code and LyX (a  
Wysiwym program :P) helps the more visual type to write good LaTeX without  
knowing about the nitty gritty details.  (not sure if in Ubuntu .deb, but  
it's available for Debian...) :)

If the source is already available in html form, `htmldoc` might be of  
help to convert to pdf.


Feel the love

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